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About Us

Michele Caroli Srl is the leading global supplier of products, customer solutions and services in the industrial bearings, automotive bearings, braking systems, seal rings, filtering systems, belts, radiators, clutches, seals business and related businesses.

We are at your disposal to supply you with our knowledge and experience so that your engine can render at most during its working life.

Our high competence is due to several update courses attended by our technicians every year and to a branched network of authorized workshops.

If you want to get in touch with us, our qualified and update trading staff will be at your full disposal to offer you a qualified assistance by suggesting you the most suitable products.

The operative centre is in the industrial area of Modugno (Ba) where the co-ordination of the work yards activities is also carried out.

Visit our main website www.michelecaroli.com for the complete range of our products